Global outdoors offer you the best of the Australian outback with plentiful wild animals and experiences all from the comfort of our beautiful riverside all inclusive hunting lodge or well equipped bush tent camps. 
you will see all Australia’s wild heritage and shoot the trophy of a life time. It will be a one on one hunting experience with well experienced outback hunting guides. Australia really is an untouched beauty, many parts of our hunting areas include large creeks and beautiful rock formations with excellent fishing and swimming opportunities. All our australian hunts are 100% sucessful. 
Dry season is cattle mustering season the north of Australia so you may also get the opportunity to see how Australian cattle stations muster with helicopter, motorbike and horse back on the days we finish hunting early. The hunting season starts from May all the way though to November. 
At Global Outdoors we differ from other agents in that we have a licensed and insured travel agent so we can book your flights, hotels and suggest and book any other excursions whist in your host country. 


U.S. citizens don't need visas to enter Australia. However, they do need to obtain what is called an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), which basically works like an online visa. The ETA costs AU$20 and may be applied for here
Once you fill out the application and pay the fee, your application is processed instantly and linked to your passport number. You should get an e-mail confirming your visa within a few minutes. 


Routine vaccines are recommended for travel to Australia; malaria prophylaxis is not required. 


If you want to use your own firearms during your hunt in Australia, you need to obtain two permits: An international visitors firearms permit (to allow to possess, carry and use firearms during your stay); and an import permit (to allow you to bring firearms into the country). Application should be made to the police of the Australian State or Territory you will be hunting in initially. For example, if you plan to hunt or compete initially in the state of Victoria (even though you may later visit other State/s or Territory), then make application to Victoria Police for both permits. 


If you plan to move between different States and Territories thereafter and have a permit in one jurisdiction you may need to obtain an International Visitors Permit from each State / Territory you visit. Check with the respective police as requirements do vary between jurisdictions.  
Application forms can be obtained from police in every jurisdiction. Contact the respective state’s police firearm registry, found here:  
Apply well in advance of your visit, at least 6 weeks before your arrival. This will ensure that Australian police will have time to process your application and issue your permits. You will require these documents to produce to Customs Officials on arrival in Australia. 


Dark green or brown clothing is best, as are comfortable, well-broken-in boots. 
Bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunblock, good optics, and a jacket for cool mornings and evenings.  


Water Buffalo 
Scrub Bull 
Wild Pigs 
See below for selected packages. More Packages available here 




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